(Oxyura Vittata)
Andean Goose         Ashy Headed Goose

Pampas Pen - Slimbridge
The Argentine Ruddy Duck found in the Pampas Pen, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
Argentina and Chile.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Winters in South Eastern Brazil and Paraguay.

Conservation Status

360mm to 460mm (14" to 18")

Appearance - Drake
The male has a Blue bill, a Black head and neck, Brown body, dark Brown wings, Grey tail and dark Grey legs and feet.

Appearance - Duck
The female has a Brown body and head, dark Grey bill, lighter Brown neck and upper breast with a light stripe under the eye.

Lakes, Marshes and Pools.

Aquatic Plants, Seeds, Larvae, Insects and Crustaceans.

Breeding Time

Dense vegetation near water.

Quantity: 3 to 5
Colour: Off-White.

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Andean Goose         Ashy Headed Goose
©Nigel Key Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2012)

The Argentine Ruddy Duck, also known as the Argentine Blue-bill or Argentine Lake Duck, is a stiff-tailed duck.

The offspring of the Argentine Ruddy Duck have to fend for themselves two days after hatching as the mother makes no effort to feed them, they are able to dive several metres to feed.
   Hear the Argentine Ruddy Duck's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2015) Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge August 2016)
Male 23/05/15
Male 16/08/16
Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2012) Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge July 2012) Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge September 2012)
Male 25/05/13
Male 06/07/13
Male 04/09/13
Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2012) Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2012) Male Argentinian Ruddy Duck (Slimbridge May 2012)
Male 26/05/12
Male 26/05/12
Male 26/05/12

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