(Chloephaga Poliocephala)
Arg. Ruddy Duck    Australian Shelduck

Geese of the World - Slimbridge
Ashy-Headed Goose found by Geese of the World SlimbridgeMap (WWT Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
Falkland Islands, Southern Chile, South Western Argentina, Southern Tierra del Fuego.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Winter further North in Chile and East North in Argentina.

Conservation Status

500mm to 550mm (20" to 22")

Appearance - Drake
The head is Grey, paler over the crown with a White eye ring, Brown eyes and a Black bill. A pale Brown to Grey back, Chestnut lower neck and breast with Black-barred White flanks. The primary feathers are Black with White secondaries and a Green speculum. The abdomen is White and the tail and rump is Black. The inside of the legs are Black and the outside of the legs are Red.

Appearance - Duck
The female is similar to the male but has more pronounced barring on the underparts.

Forest clearings, boggy meadows and rough pastures.

Grasses, leaves, stems, seedheads and sedges.

Breeding Time
October to November.

Quantity: 4 to 6.
Colour: Light Brown

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Arg. Ruddy Duck    Australian Shelduck
Ashy-Headed Goose
©Nigel Key Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge July 2014)

The Ashy-Headed Goose is a sheldgoose of the sub family Tadorninae. They are hardy and particularly agressive in the breeding season.

Ashy-Headed Geese are mainly found on land but are sometimes seen perching or even roosting in trees. They generally only swim when they are moulting or have goslings.
   Hear the Ashy-Headed Goose's Call:-

Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge March 2017) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge March 2017) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge October 2017)
Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge May 2016) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge May 2016) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge May 2016)
Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge April 2015) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge April 2015) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge April 2015)
Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge July 2014) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge July 2014) Ashy-Headed Goose (Slimbridge July 2014)

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