(Anas Formosa)
Baer's Pochard          Bar Headed Goose

Geese of the World Zone - Slimbridge
The Baikal Teal found in Geese of the World Zone, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
Breeding Habitat - Siberia
Eastern Siberia.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Winters on lowland fresh waters in South Japan, Southeast China, and South Korea.

Conservation Status

390mm to 430mm (15" to 17")

Appearance - Drake
The male has a striking Green nape, light Yellow and Black head with a dark crown and its breast is light Brown with dark mottling. Its flanks are Grey with White bars at the front and rear. The undersides are Whitish, it has elongated Black scapulars, a dark Grey bill and Yellow/Grey legs and feet.

Appearance - Duck
The female is mainly Brown with a dark Brown crown, a White throat, a White spot at the base of the bill and dark stripes from the eye to the nape.

Pools and Swampy forests.

Rice, Seeds, Soya Beans, small Invertebrates.

Breeding Time
Late April to early July.

Breeds in pools on the tundra edge within swampy forests.

Quantity: 8 to 10.
Colour: Light Olive Green.

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Baer's Pochard          Bar Headed Goose
Baikal Teal
©Nigel Key Baikal Teal (Slimbridge June 2009)

The Baikal Teal, also known as the Bimaculate Duck or squawk Duck, is a dabbling duck.

The Baikal Teal has no close relatives and is therefore the only living member of its genus. The closest species to the Baikal Teal are perhaps the Garganey and the Northern Shoveler.

The Baikal Teal has suffered from hunting and loss of habitat in the recent past but has now sufficiently recovered to be classed as Least Concern.

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Baikal Teal (Slimbridge May 2018) Baikal Teal (Slimbridge May 2018) Baikal Teal (Slimbridge May 2018)
Baikal Teal (Slimbridge June 2009) Baikal Teal (Slimbridge June 2009) Baikal Teal (Slimbridge June 2009)

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