(Anas Discors)
Blue Winged Goose            Brazilian Teal

Pampas Pen - Slimbridge
The Blue-Winged Teal found in the Pampas Pen, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
North America
Breeding Habitat - North America
North America.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
They winter on shallow inland Marshes in Central ans South America as far as Brazil and central Chile.

Conservation Status

360mm to 410mm (14" to 16")

Appearance - Drake
The male has a Greyish Blue head with a White facial crescent, a Black bill, a light Brown/Black body with a white patch near the rear and a black tail. The wing coverts are Light Blue, the speculum is Green and the legs and feet are Yellow.

Appearance - Duck
The female is mottled Brown with a dark crown, a small White patch round the bill and a dark stripe across the eye. The wing coverts are Light Blue, the speculum is Green and the legs and feet are Yellow.

Inland Marshes, Lakes, Ponds, Pools and shallow Streams with dense vegetation.

Aquatic Insects, Seeds, Stems, Sedge, Grass, Pondweed and Smartweed.

Breeding Time
Mid April to Mid May.

Nests are built in a shallow deression in grassy areas on dry ground and lined with grass and down.

Quantity: 10 to 12.
Colour: White/Olive.

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Blue Winged Goose            Brazilian Teal
Blue-winged Teal
©Nigel Key Blue-Winged Teal (Slimbridge March 2012)

The Blue-Winged Teal is a dabbling duck from North America. It is closely related to the Cinnamon Teal with females and immature birds being very difficult to tell apart.

The Blue-Winged Teal are generally the first ducks to go South in the Autumn and the last ones to go North in the spring.

The Blue-Winged Teal is affected by the loss of Wetlands and drought. The population is not considered in danger of extinction and is currently classed as Least Concern.
   Hear the Blue-Winged Teal's Call:-

Photographs ©:Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Blue winged Teal (Slimbridge March 2012) Blue winged Teal (Slimbridge March 2012) Blue winged Teal (Slimbridge May 2012)
Blue-Winged Teal (Slimbridge October 2011) Blue-Winged Teal (Slimbridge March 2012) Blue-Winged Teal (Slimbridge March 2012)

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