Would you like to see your photograph on the Homepage for a month?

Send your photograph by email to and it will be judged along with other entries to decide the winner who will have their photograph displayed on the Homepage for one month.

You can send any photograph of your choice but it must have been taken at WWT Slimbridge.

Remember only one picture per person and it must be a photograph that is owned by you.(see Rules below).

The photo must have been taken at WWT Slimbridge.
You can enter just one photo per month.
Please send your photo in .jpg format.
The photo must be all your own work, you must have copyright.
Please make the size of your photograph about 800 pixels or 1024 pixels across.
The Photo-competition will start at the beginning of each month.
Sorry, NO prizes but you will have your picture on the Homepage for one month.
Please send some info about the picture such as what it is, when it was taken, camera/lens used and your name.


November Photograph: James's Flamingo taken by ©Nigel Key
November 2017
Subject: James's Flamingo
Photo Taken: WWT Slimbridge, October 2012
Area: Andean Flamingo Zone

Camera used: Canon 50D
Lens used: Canon 100-400mm
Taken By: Nigel Key

Thanks to everyone who took part in the photo-competition.