(Grus Grus)
Emperor Goose           Eurasian Teal

Back from the Brink Zone - Slimbridge
The Eurasian Crane found at Back from the Brink Zone, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
Breeding Habitat - Eurasia
North Europe and North Asia.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Winter in South Europe, South Asia and North Africa.

Conservation Status

1000mm to 1300mm (40" to 52")

Appearance - Drake
The male has Slate Grey plumage with a Black forehead, featherless Red crown, and a White streak from behind the eye to the upper back. The wing plumes are Black and the legs and feet are dark Grey.

Appearance - Duck
Similar to the male.

Wetlands, Marshes, Boreal and Taiga Forrest, Moors and Bogs.

Grass Roots, Leaves, Fruit, Pondweed, Berries, Potatoes, Olives, Cereal, Insects, Snails, Worms, Fish, small Mammals and Birds.

Breeding Time
Late April to Early May,

The nest is in or very near to shallow water with vegetation nearby for cover.

Quantity: 2.
Colour: Olive Brown with Red Brown spots.

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Emperor Goose           Eurasian Teal
Eurasian Crane
©Nigel Key Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge October 2011)

The Eurasian Crane is also known as the Common Crane as is of the Gruidae family.

Along with the Demoiselle Crane the Eurasian Crane is the only Crane found in Europe.

The Eurasian Crane is found in Northern Europe and Asia.
   Hear the Eurasian Crane's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge November 2013) Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge April 2015) Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge May 2015)
Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge October 2011) Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge October 2011) Eurasian Crane (Slimbridge April 2013)

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