(Phoenicoparrus Jamesi)
Hooded Merganser     Laysan Duck

Andean Flamingo House - Slimbridge
The James's Flamingo found in the Andean Flamingo Zone SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
The Andes of southern Peru, Bolivia, North Chile and North West Argentina.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area

Conservation Status

90mm to 92mm (35" to 36")

Appearance - Male
Its plumage is very Pale Pink, with bright Carmine streaks around the neck and on the back. When perched a small amount of Black can be seen in the wings which are the flight feathers. They have Bright Red skin around the eyes, which are yellow in adults. The legs are Brick Red and the bill is Bright Yellow with a Black tip.

Appearance - Female
Both sexes are alike but the male is slightly larger

High mountain Lakes and Lagoons.

Feeds on Diatoms and other microscopic Algae.

Breeding Time
December to February

The female lays one egg on a volcano shaped nest made from mud, sticks and other materials in the environment. Both the male and female incubate the egg for 2631 days before it hatches.

Quantity: 1.
Colour: Chalky White.

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Hooded Merganser     Laysan Duck
James Flamingo
©Nigel Key James's Flamingo (Slimbridge October 2012)

The James's Flamingo is also known as the Puna Flamingo. It populates the altitudes of the Andean plateaus of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

The James's Flamingo is closely related to the Andean Flamingo and lives in colonies with both the Andean Flamingo the and Chilean Flamingo.

There is only one James's Flamingo at Slimbridge and it is also the only captive example of its kind in Europe.

   Hear the James's Flamingo Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012)
Male 17/05/14
Male 17/05/14
Male 17/05/14
Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge October 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge October 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge September 2012)
Male 27/10/12
Male 27/10/12
Male 08/09/12
Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge May 2012)
Male 26/05/12
Male 26/05/12
Male 26/05/12
Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge March 2011) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge April 2011) Male James's Flamingo (Slimbridge April 2011)
Male 25/03/11
Male 09/04/11
Male 09/04/11

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