(Cygnus Buccinator)
Swan Goose                  Tufted Duck

North America Zone - Slimbridge
The Trumpeter Swan is found in North America Zone, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)

North America
Breeding Habitat - North America
Canada and USA from the Great Basin in Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Minnesota. There is also a large group in Alaska.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Alaskan birds winter to the coastal regions of British Columbia south to the Columbia river.

Conservation Status

1380mm to 1650mm (54" to 65")

Appearance - Cob
The male has White plumage, a large wedge shaped Black bill, and Black extending from the base of the bill to the eye. The legs and feet are dark Grey.

Appearance - Pen
The female is similar to the male except slightly smaller.

Wetlands, Shallow Ponds, Lakes, Slow Rivers and Marshes.

Aquatic Plants, Grasses, Grains and occasionally Insects and Molluscs.

Breeding Time
Late April to May.

The nest is built from vegetation in the shape of a bowl on a small island, or floating vegetation.

Quantity: 4 to 6.
Colour: White.

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Swan Goose                  Tufted Duck
Trumpeter Swan
©Nigel Key Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010)

The Trumpeter Swan is a member of the Anatidae family and is a close relative of the Whooper Swan, though easily distinguished as the latter has Yellow on its bill and slightly smaller.

The Trumpeter Swan is the heaviest bird of North America and is the World’s largest waterfowl.

In the past the Trumpeter Swan was heavily hunted for food and for feathers causing a serious decline in their numbers. Over recent years, due to protection, their numbers have increased resulting in them being classed as Least Concern.
   Hear the Trumpeter Swan's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge July 2012) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge October 2012) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge May 2013)
Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010)
Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010) Trumpeter Swan (Slimbridge August 2010)

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