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MACCOA DUCK (Oxyura maccoa)

©Nigel Key Maccoa Duck (Slimbridge June 2009)

The Maccoa Duck is a ‘Stiff-tail’ Duck, which is a diver from Africa.

The Maccoa Duck is shy and when alarmed it tends to dive to safety due to its difficulty in taking flight.

The population of the Maccoa Duck is threatened by pollution, loss of habitat and hunting. They are currently classed as Near threatened and the current population seems to be in decline.

   Hear the Maccoa Duck's Call:-
Conservation Status

480mm to 510mm (18" to 20")

Appearance - Male
The male has Chestnut plumage with a Black head, Dark Brown eyes and Blue bill. The tail is Black, underwings are Grey/White, belly and undertail is Whitish. The legs and feet are Grey.

Appearance - Female
The female has Grey Brown plumage with a dark Brown crown, nape, cheek stripe and a Dark Grey bill.

Shallow Fresh Water, Saline and Brackish Lakes, wetlands and swamps.

Aquatic Plants, Seeds and Invertebrates.

Breeding Time
August to January.

The nest is built from reeds and leaves, or on floating vegetation amongst rushes close to or on the water.

Quantity: 4 to 9
Colour: White.

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Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge May 2016) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge August 2016) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge October 2016) - pic by Nigel Key
04/05/16 16/08/16 05/10/16
Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge July 2012) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge July 2014) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge July 2014) - pic by Nigel Key
28/07/12 22/07/14 22/07/14
Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge April 2011) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge June 2011) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge August 2011) - pic by Nigel Key
09/04/11 04/06/11 15/08/11
Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge June 2009) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge September 2010) - pic by Nigel Key Maccoa (WWT Slimbridge September 2010) - pic by Nigel Key
03/06/09 09/09/10 09/09/10
Photos copyright of ©Nigel Key
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Breeding Habitat - Africa
East Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area

WWT Slimbridge Location - Maccoa Duck
Flamingo Lagoon - WWT Slimbridge
© Nigel Key Flamingo Lagoon (WWT Slimbridge November 2013)

The Maccoa can be found in the Flamingo Lagoon, along with the following wildfowl:-
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Cape Teal
Greater Flamingo
South African Shelduck
White-Faced Whistling Duck
Yellow-Billed Duck
Flamingo Lagoon Zone (WWT Slimbridge)

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