(Speculanas Specularis)
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Pampas Pen Zone - Slimbridge
The Bronze-Winged Duck found in the Pampas Pen, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
Southern Chile and Central Argentina.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Small numers migrate North and East after the breeding season.

Conservation Status

approx. 460mm to 540mm (18" to 21")

Appearance - Drake
The Bronze-Winged Duck has a Brown head with a white stripe around its neck. It has a grey bill and a white patch in front of each eye.
The upper parts are mottled Brown and Light Brown and the underparts are a Grey-Brown. The wings are very dark, almost Black, with a 'Bronze' speculum after which it is named.
The legs and feet are a light yellow-Orange colour.

Appearance - Duck
The same as the Drake.

Lives amongst forested rivers, lakes, pools, ponds and fast flowing streams of the South America Andes, Argentina and Chile.

Aquatic vegetation and seeds, insects and larvae.

Breeding Time
September to October.

Quantity: 4 to 6.
Colour: Dark cream.

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Bronze Winged Duck (Speculanas Specularis)
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Brent Goose    Bufflehead
Bronze-Winged Duck
©Nigel Key Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge September 2013)

The Bronze-Winged duck, also known as the Spectacled duck, is a dabbling duck. It is the only living member of the Speculanas genus with its closest relatives being the Crested Duck or the Brazilian Duck.

The female makes a harsh 'barking' sound which gives rise to a name sometimes used of 'dog-duck'.

The Bronze-Winged Ducks spend a lot of their time on land at Slimbridge and don't often venture on to the water.
   Hear the Bronze-Winged Duck's Call:-

Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge September 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge September 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge September 2013)
Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge July 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge July 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge July 2013)
Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge April 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge April 2013) Bronze-Winged Duck (Slimbridge April 2013)

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