(Mergus Merganser)
Comb Duck                            Coot

Tundra Zone - Slimbridge
The Merganser can be found in the Tundra Zone, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
North America
Breeding Habitat - North America
Alaska, the Aleutians, Canada, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, Finland, Siberia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Mongolia and Kamchatka..
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Winters to Arizona, New Mexico and North West Texas, British Isles, Iceland, Southern Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, Iraq, Iran, China, Korea and Japan.

Conservation Status

580mm to 720mm (24" to 28")

Appearance - Drake
The male has a Black iridescent Green crest, head and neck, Red hooked bill, Black upperparts, White Breast with a Salmon/Pink tinge and flanks, White underparts wirh a Grey tail and rump. The feet and legs are Red/Orange.

Appearance - Duck
The female has largely Grey plumage, with a Red/Brown head, White chin and White secondary feathers on the wing.

Lakes and Rivers of forested areas of Europe, North and Central Asia and North America.

Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Worms, Insect Larvae and Amphibians.

Breeding Time
Early April to June

Nests in tree hollow or large nest boxes or holes in cliffs.

Quantity: 7 to 14.
Colour: Creamy White.

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Comb Duck                            Coot
Common Merganser
©Nigel Key Common Merganser (Slimbridge April 2011)

The Common Merganser, also known as the Goosander, is a sea duck and is as much at home in salt water as fresh water. They have serrated edges to their bills to help them grip fish, eels etc.

The Merganser is an expert diver and can expertly catch fish, such as Salmon and Trout making them unpopular with fishermen.
   Hear the Common Merganser's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Female Common Merganser (Slimbridge March 2012) Female Common Merganser (Slimbridge March 2012) Female Common Merganser (Slimbridge March 2012)
Female 24/03/12
Female 24/03/12
Female 24/03/12
Male Common Merganser (Slimbridge April 2011) Male Common Merganser (Slimbridge April 2011) Female Common Merganser (Slimbridge June 2011)
Male 09/04/11
Male 09/04/11
Female 04/06/11

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