(Vetta Peposaca)
Ross's Goose                  Ruddy Duck

Pampas Pen - Slimbridge
The Rosybill can be found in the Pampas Pen, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
Argentina, Central Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and South Brazil.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Southern birds winter in Brazil and Southern Bolivia.

Conservation Status

540mm to 580mm (21" to 23")

Appearance - Drake
The male has a dark head with a Purple sheen, Red eyes, a Red bill with a Black tip and a Red basal knob. The upper-parts and breast are Black, the wings are Black with a White stripe and the vermiculated flanks and under-parts are light Grey. The legs and feet are light Orange.

Appearance - Duck
The female has Brown plumage with a White face, Brown eyes and a Slate Grey bill.

Freshwater Swamps, Lakes and Marshes.

Aquatic Vegetation, Sedges and Grasses.

Breeding Time
October to December.

The nest is built on the ground lined with down, amongst vegetation and near to the water.

Quantity: 8 to 12.
Colour: Cream or White with a Green tinge.

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Ross's Goose (Anser Rossii or Chen Rossii)
Rosybill (Vetta Peposaca)
Ruddy Duck (Oxyura Jamaicensis)
Ruddy Shelduck (Tadorna Ferruginea)
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Ross's Goose                  Ruddy Duck
©Nigel Key Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011)

The Rosybill, also known as the Rosybill Pochard, is from South America. And although classed as a diving duck the Rosybill is often seen feeding by dabbling or Grazing.

The Rosybill keeps its plumage all year round so doesn’t moult into eclipse plumage.

The Rosybill is common over South America and is classed as Least Concern, however there is a minor threat from hunting.
   Hear the Rosybill's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2015) Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2015) Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2015)
Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2014) Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2015) RRosybill (Slimbridge April 2015)
Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2013) Rosybill (Slimbridge July 2013) Rosybill (Slimbridge September 2013)
Rosybill (Slimbridge July 2012) Rosybill (Slimbridge July 2012) Rosybill (Slimbridge October 2012)
Male Rosybill (Slimbridge August 2011) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2012) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge May 2012)
Male 15/08/11
Male 26/05/12
Male 26/05/12
Male Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge June 2011)
Male 09/04/11
Male 09/04/11
Male 04/06/11
Male Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011) Male Rosybill (Slimbridge April 2011)
Male 09/04/11
Male 09/04/11
Male 09/04/11

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